Let it be known throughout all Realms and Empires of the International Court System; with the authority of the Board of Directors of the United Court of Austin, Inc., located in the Capitol City of the Great State of Texas, in these United States of America, and because it pleases me to do so, I herein proclaim the creation of the Empress Emeritus Mona little More Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund will start out as an Endowment Fund, held in a separate UCA account overseen by the Castle little More Board of Governors and the United Court of Austin Board of Directors, until which time it reaches $5,000.00. Donations and/or bequests that are invested into the Scholarship Fund will include, but not limited to, the combined efforts of the Board of Governors, Members and Residents of the Castle little More and members of the International Court System. Upon reaching $5,000.00, the Scholarship(s) will be awarded at the annual event of the United Court of Austin known as Coronation. Scholarship amounts will range from $500 – $2,000 and a minimum balance of $1,500 will be maintained at all times within the Scholarship Fund Account.

This scholarship will be awarded to student(s) who volunteer their time to promote and/or support the Texas GLBT Community and excel in academics with a 3.0 GPA or higher, participate in extracurricular activities and be a positive role model within their community.

Each application package will be reviewed and chosen by majority vote from the Castle little More Board of Governors, the United Court of Austin Board of Directors and Rona Bare-It. Please email application and all pages required to .

Funds from said scholarship(s) will be paid to the educational institution(s) of the applicant’s choice directly in said applicant’s name and not directly to the applicant.

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