Code of Conduct

The General Membership, Monarchs, College of Monarchs, and Lifetime Titleholders shall conduct their actions with the utmost respect and integrity at all times. We must always reflect positively on the values and reputation of UCA. We must promote an environment free of harassment, bullying and abusive conduct, whether physical, verbal or visual. The Coded of Conduct includes, but not limited to, all forms of Social Media, email, texting, meetings, public and private functions, and in our everyday lives.

Any infractions made that are considered to be morally, willfully, malicious and ethically damaging to another party, person or organization shall be grounds for discipline by the Board of Directors.

A written grievance will be submitted to the Board of Directors of The United Court of Austin for review. The Board of Directors will review the grievance and if a majority vote rules that the conduct has been breached then the Board of Directors have the right to take immediate action.

In this event, the Board of Directors must notify the person(s) in violation within thirty (30) days of the written grievance, so they may attend the Board of Directors meeting so they have the opportunity to speak.

The following penalty shall be imposed on the person(s) violating the Code of Conduct. Penalties are as follows:


Line Members:

1st Penalty- Suspension of Title until a time designated by the BOD.

2nd Penalty- Suspension of title until end of the reign.

3rd Penalty- Revocation of membership for one (1) calendar year.


Lifetime Titleholders, Monarchs and College of Monarchs:

1st Penalty- Suspension of Title for six (6) Months.

2nd Penalty- Suspension of Title for one (1) calendar year.

3rd Penalty- Permanent suspension of title and revocation of membership for one (1) calendar year.

If said violation does not pass by majority vote of the Board of Directors present at said meeting, then the violation is null and void. The Board of Directors reserves the right to revise the Code of Conduct at any time.