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Welcome to United Court of Austin Texas. Our inclusive world of drag, leather & lace, gear and leather boys, cross dressing, gays, lesbians, non-binary, bisexuals, and all the in-between, our home is your home! A place to ditch your flip-flops, put on your best and revel in your glitz and glamour as we “keep it weird, but with class in Austin” to increase awareness and raise money for our charities which provide services to our LGBTQ+ community.      So, come out and help us continue to make a difference in Austin and the surrounding communities!

Mission Statement

The United Court of Austin, Inc., representing the International Court System in Austin, TX, is an independent, registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of life in and around the Austin area and is committed to providing financial and physical support to other charitable organizations. The United Court of Austin, Inc. believes in educating and empowering its members and the community by promoting and advocating AIDS awareness and diversity through non-discrimination. The United Court of Austin, Inc. welcomes members and provides support regardless of race, creed, color, gender and/or sexual orientation.

What can we say about what we do?  Here’s what the charities we work for say: 



Every year— for decades and decades — you have done something remarkable. Not just once or twice, but over and over again, week after week after week.
With impeccable style and impossible heels, you turn your beauty, showmanship and fierce, undeniable pride into lasting support for people living with HIV.  Your fundraising efforts on our behalf have provided home, health, and a new beginning to our neighbors in need. You have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to support housing, hospice, and health care for people living with HIV in Central Texas. 
But you don’t just put on a show. You also show up for our clients, as part of the community of compassion and support that transforms their lives … or helps them say goodbye with dignity.  Through the good times and the hard times, through hemlines and hairstyles, your unwavering support for people with HIV will never go out of fashion.
You’ve changed lives. And we can never thank you enough.

Project Transitions

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding efforts in raising money for ASHwell Sexual Health and Wellness. Your unwavering commitment to supporting sexual health services for central Texans has left a profound impact on our community.
The impact of your efforts cannot be overstated. ASHwell plays a vital role in providing essential services to those in need, and your generous contributions will undoubtedly help us reach even greater heights. By raising funds, you have not only assisted the organization financially but have also spread awareness about sexual health equity, fostering a more informed and supportive community.
It is truly heartwarming to witness the positive change that can occur when people come together with a shared purpose. The synergy among your court is inspiring and it reaffirms our belief in the power of collective action.  As a beneficiary of your noble endeavors, I extend my deepest thanks to each and every member of the United Court of Austin. Your selflessness and dedication are beacons of hope, and I am proud to be part of a community that cares for one another with such passion.  Your fundraising efforts serve as an exemplary model for others looking to make a difference.  By supporting ASHwell, you have demonstrated that together, we can create positive change and improve the lives of those in need.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tireless work and commitment to making a difference in our community. Your generosity will continue to reverberate for years to come, touching the lives of countless individuals.

  • Cy Herrera – Executive Director – ASHwell

The International Court System in conjunction with the LGBTQ+ Taskforce are honored to be spearheading the campaign to have a U.S. postage stamp released honoring LGBTQ+ heroes.   For more information, please click below. 

 ICS Stamp Campaign 


Meet Our Charities

Project Transitions

Project Transitions is dedicated to serving people with HIV and AIDS by providing supportive living, housing, recuperative care and hospice in compassionate and carng environments.


ASHwell was originally known as the Wright House Wellness Center and was founded in 1988 by a group of individuals living with AIDS. They joined with several holistic health therapy practitioners who believed that many of the symptoms of chronic illnesses could be effectively treated with holistic/complementary health therapies.

Although the initial program focused on those living with HIV/AIDS, the Center has changed over the past 27 years to include and serve those populations at greatest risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases as well as those who do not seek timely medical care – people of color (especially men who have sex with men and women) and recreational drug users in the lower income areas of Austin, Texas.

As medical treatment for HIV/AIDS has changed from a focus on delaying death to a focus on managing illness and improving quality of life and productivity, the Center’s programs and services have changed as well to emphasize treatment adherence, disease prevention and personal responsibility.

Rainbow Connections ATX Home Page

Rainbow Connections ATX

Rainbow Connections ATX (RCATX) improves the quality and vitality of life for TwoSpiritLGBTQIA+ older adults by providing connections, support, and advocacy in the greater Austin area. 



Austin Rainbow Theatre

Austin Rainbow Theatre is the home for LGBTQIA+ performing arts in Central Texas. ART’s  mission is to provide affordable theatre that focuses on creating belonging, reducing stigma, honoring diverse LGBTQIA+ history and stories, and amplifying LGBTQIA+ artist and community voices. Through theatrical programs and community outreach, ART is encouraging Central Texas to act out loud!


Meet Our Sponsors

Sir Rat

We are a clothing start up located in Austin-Tx. Our mission is to provide leather and fetish clothing to the mainstream. With accessible prices and getting bigger we are looking to give part of profits back to our community. We support local causes and sponsor local artists causing local impact and help the local economy. 

Package Menswear

Package Menswear: Contemporary boutique specializing in men’s designer underwear, activewear & swimsuits.

The Austin Eagle

The Austin Eagle is the home bar of The United Court of Austin – a neighborhood bar that provides good food during the day and amazing drinks at night to our fetish community.  At The Austin Eagle, you can be yourself, this is a judgment free zone for our fetish community.


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