Reign X

The Reign of Xcellence, Xcitement, and Xpansion Where “X” Marks the Spot!

Reign X began with the crowning of Emperor Gregg D and Empress GiGi LaRouge.  In keeping with the traditions of excellence of The United Court of Austin, Reign X set out to expand the membership and expand the venues to conduct fundraisers.  We were very fortunate to have the support of many of the local bar establishments: ‘Bout Time, Charlie’s, Chain Drive, Dicks Déjà Disco, The Forum, The Rainbow Cattle Company, and Xtreme/Sidekicks; which allowed us the opportunity to fundraise and further our goals of helping our local community; and representing the International Court System.The Monarchs traveled the International Court System Circuit to a combined total of 29 Coronations. As Reign X traveled around the circuit, they were able to win best production numbers in Colorado Springs, Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio.On August 13, 2004, Emperor Gregg and Empress GiGi presented “Coronation XI – An Evening at the White House: A Royal Affair, Where American Bandstand Rocks the Kennedy’s.” The backdrop of the ballroom was a replica of the White House; ensuring all guests the feel they were actually in Washington DC for a formal State affair. The Coronation was very well attended; as 19 Courts from around the Country; as well as many local business and organizations were represented. Gregg and GiGi thanked the line members for their dedication to their community and named Jamie Coley as Best Male line member of the year; and  Cori Sansoucy as Best Female line member of the year.  The proceeds from Coronation XI were distributed to two beneficiaries: Project Transitions and The Wright House Wellness Center.

Lifetime Titles:
Imperial Crown Prince for Life to Reign X – Angel A. Valero
Queen Mother for Life to Reign X – Diane Benjamin

HMRIM Gregg:  Sister Court for Life to the Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of The Texas Riviera Empire, Corpus Christi, Texas.HMRIM GiGi:  To assemble a Proclamation Book of all past Proclamations given by Past Monarchs; and review the proclamations every two years to determine their continued validity, soundness, and legitimacy.

Reign XI

The Reign of Reverence, Honor and Compassion

Ten years of service as members of UCA certainly influenced the decision of the voters with their election of Robert Evanson and Infiniti St. James as monarchs of Reign XI.  During Investiture, Mel Mills was dubbed Imperial Crown Prince with Diane Benjamin as Imperial Crown Princess.  Their Majesties appointed Emperor IX Leigh Bray Rockhopper as King Father and Empress IX Topaz as Queen Mother.Reign XI brought about the resurrection of the fundraiser known as Chocolates for Charity which was created during Reign III by UCA members Ric Talbert, Topaz and Shayne James who would years later evolve as Infiniti St. James.Chocolates for Charity (C4C) is the longest ongoing project in the history of UCA.  The event concept is one of members donating home baked (or commercial) desserts which are then sold at a host bar once a month on the night of the host bar’s Steak Night.  Over the years C4C has generated in excess of $11,000.00 for Austin area charities.Emperor and Empress XI appointed Emperor X Gregg D and Empress X GiGi LaRouge as Coronation XII Coordinators who produced an outstanding event at the Red Lion Hotel.  Emperor III Bobby Barnett and Empress VI DeeDee Davis created and constructed a set beyond Robert or Infiniti’s imagination.  The set of A Night On Mount Olympus Where Superheroes Clash with the God’s revealed to a standing ovation from the audience at the beginning of Coronation XII.  Another first for UCA was Empress Infiniti’s Command Performance by the Empress’s of the College of Monarchs.  The Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Central Texas Empire was awarded Best Court Production with Tina Tawdré being recognized as Reign XI Outstanding Female Line Member with Jamie Cooley as Outstanding Male Line Member.
Lifetime Titles:
Imperial Brother of Leather and Lace to Emperor XI for Life – Bobby Birchmier
Imperial Prince Royal to Reign XI for Life – Rudy THE BRAT St. James
HMRIM Infiniti:  To personally produce an annual CHOCOLATES FOR CHARITY BALL with the proceeds from said event going to the Reigning Empress’s choice in conjunction with Empress XI Infiniti St. James.

Reign XII

The Regency Reign

Visiting courtiers and dignitaries witnessed the crowning of Talor Barin as the elected Empress at the conclusion of Coronation XII held at the Red Lion Hotel on Saturday, August 13, 2005. There being no candidates for Emperor, the Board of Directors and the College of Monarchs jointly agreed to allow Empress Talor to reign as a sole Monarch for three months at which time they would address the possibility of appointing a Regent Emperor. At the Investiture XII, Empress Talor appointed Jamie Coley and Diane Benjamin to serve as her Imperial Crown Prince and Princess.Empress Talor committed the court to the weekly production of the ongoing event known as Chocolates for Charity; an event normally conducted on a monthly basis. In November, the Board of Directors decided to appoint a Regent Emperor to assist Empress Talor. After letters of interest were submitted, the Board chose past Emperor IX, Leigh Bray Rockhopper, to be installed as Regent Emperor XII during the Regent’s Investiture held at Charlie’s Club on November 26, 2005. His Majesty appointed Mel Mills as his Imperial Crown Prince to serve along side the ICP’s appointed by Empress Talor. Regent Emperor Leigh assumed responsibility for the weekly production of Chocolates for Charity which by the end of Reign XII generated in excess of $6,400.00 for local charities.In February 2006 a motion was brought to the General Membership from the Board of Directors for removal of Empress Talor. The motion carried and The Board of Directors requested Letters of Interest for a Regent Empress, resulting in Empress IX Topaz being appointed as Regent Empress XII. The new Regency Reign decided to forgo any new investitures; instead, focusing on moving the Reign forward.The theme of Coronation XIII became: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SOUNDTRACKS, Let the Music of the Movies, BLOW OUR MINDS.Coronation XIII was held at The Woodward Hotel; which proved to be a tremendous asset in the production of Coronation. Visiting courtiers enjoyed our poolside Hospitality Suite which was solely for the use of our guests. Coronation Set Designers Emperor Bobby Barnett and Empress Dee Dee Davis received a standing ovation with the “Reveal” of the set with our stepping down Regent’s standing before their thrones at the opening of Coronation XIII. The male line member for Reign 12 was Buddy Allen and the female line member for Reign 12 was Saffire Trinity-Barin.The Regents of Reign XII were elevated to full monarch status in a recrowning ceremony during Coronation. Their Majesties shall be known as Emperor IX and XII Leigh Bray Rockhopper and Empress IX and XII Topaz.

Lifetime Titles:
Sister for Life to Emperor XII – Crystal Rae Lee Love
Sister for Life to Empress XII – Anne Budd
HMRIM Leigh:  Emperor Leigh proclaimed that with approval of the Board of Directors the monarchs of each reign would appoint a committee to insure a UCA presence in the annual Austin Pride Parade.

Reign XIII

Back to Basics: The Reign of FUNdamentals
The ABC’s of FUNdraising:
Angel | Bianca | Community

At the end of Coronation XIII visiting dignitaries witnessed the crowning of Empress XIII Bianca Fairchild and Regent Emperor XIII Angel, marking a history making event for the United Court of Austin. Being there were no candidates for Emperor, the Board of Directors appointed a Regent. This was the first time in UCA history a Regent was crowned at the same time as the duly elected Monarch. At Investitures the monarchs appointed Jake Dean Stone as Imperial Crown Prince and Simone Riviera as Imperial Crown Princess.Regent Emperor Angel, Empress Bianca and all of Reign XIII were off to a fast start with several fundraisers. Keeping the momentum going of raising money for their community, with support from Charlie’s, Chain Drive and ‘Bout Time, the UCA continued with the weekly Chocolates for Charity as well as monthly cookouts at Chain Drive and several other shows and events.Angel and Bianca were very grateful and fortunate to have a very active line of succession as well as a very active College of Monarchs. Especially one monarch in particular, Empress Mona littleMore who has either produced or co-produced events that generated in excess of 7,000 dollars for the Austin community.The Monarchs represented Austin in a total of 18 coronations nationwide within the International Court System winning “Best State Walk” in both Corpus Christi and San Antonio respectively.On August 11, 2007 Angel and Bianca saw the fruits of their labor at CORONATION XIV: “An Evening at the USO — Where the Soldier Meets the Geisha: A Salute to War-time Glam.” From the beautiful dais done by Emperor Bobby Barnett and Empress DeeDee Davis to the wonderful production numbers and other entertainment, Coronation XIV was a hit with 20 visiting courts from the International Court System in attendance along with numerous representatives from our local charities. Angel and Bianca thanked their line for all their hard work and recognized Crown Prince Royale Dr. Earle Lewis as Male Line Member of the year and Crown Princess Royale Rachael St. James as Female Line Member of the Year.Angel and Bianca were inducted into the College of Monarchs. Also, Regent Emperor Angel was elevated to full Monarch status and His Majesty shall be known as Emperor XIII Angel.

Lifetime Titles:
Imperial Brother to Emperor XIII for Life – Miguel A. Navarro-Garcia
Princess Royale to Reign XIII for Life – Elka

HMRIM Angel: Creation of the UCA PR Committee.
HMRIM Bianca: Designation of annual Drag Idol funds to facilitate UCA presence in the annual Austin Pride Parade.

Reign XIV

The Reign of Fairytale Beginnings and Futuristic Dreams

Imperial Crown Prince and Princess XIII Jake Dean Stone and lifemate Simone Jewel Riviera ascended the thrones of Emperor and Empress XIV ushering in a reign of hope and adventure. Witnessed by the United Courts of Texas and the Austin community Their Majesties invested Earle Lewis and Rachael St. James as Imperial Crown Prince and Princess as well as their reign line members.Jake and Simone were tireless in their efforts to reach out to the community by encouraging area organizations to participate in joint fundraising efforts. Emperor Jake and the male line’s monthly cookouts at the Chain Drive where relations with the Central Texas boys of Leather, Lone Star Leathermen and the H.O.T. Bears grew strong; their combined efforts proved most beneficial. New relations were formed with organizations such as: Kings N Things, TGRA and OutYouth. Jake and Simone continued their outreach opening and renewing relations with Austin bars such as: Charlie’s Austin, ‘Bout Time, Rainbow Cattle Company, Rain, Chain Drive and the Cock Pit (formerly known as Dick’s De Ja Vue) a long time favorite birthday spot for Jake and Simone.Emperor Jake and Empress Simone were delighted to receive their first invitation to be Command Performers as a duet. Their Majesties were present for the historic Adornment of the Barony of Oklahoma. Their popularity on the international court coronation circuit was obvious by the presence of in and out of state courtiers at Night of the Living Dolls, A Celebration at Studio 54 headlined by the presence of Jake’s biological Dad, Tinker Downing, and Mama Jose` herself! Mama had such a good time celebrating Jake and Simone’s stepping down she extended her stay for a week as guest of Emperor Bobby Barnett and Empress DeeDee Davis.Jake and Simone continue to share their “futuristic dreams” of a better tomorrow for everyone.

Lifetime Titles:
King Father for Life to Reign XIV Gregg D
Queen Mother for Life to Reign XIV Gigi LaRouge
HMRIM Jake: Creation of the Michael Gutierez Friendship Award.
HMRIM Simone: An Empress may walk without being in their female persona with prior approval.

Reign XV

The Reign of New Beginnings, New Dreams and New Futures

Reign XV, being dubbed The Reign of New Beginnings, New Dreams & New Futures, named so to represent the reign’s absolute monarch, commenced with the crowning of Her Majesty Jaycie Beringer Empress XV.Her Majesty’s platform was to promote unity within the community, its venues and her charities. In addition, Her Majesty and the members set a goal of raising $10,000.00 via the weekly fundraiser known as Chocolates for Charity (C4C).Empress Jaycie met these challenges head on by personally working with the leaders and staff of the local venues as well as the charities supported by UCA. Through these efforts she strengthened working relationships, personal commitments and the focus of the Court and its supporters. Reign XV exceeded its goal of $10,000.00 at C4C and set a new standard for the reigns to follow.
On August 15, 2009, Absolute Empress XV presented Coronation XVI “Forever Young, A Regal Victorian Vampire’s Ball….Take a bite out of Time” as the culmination to her year of benevolent deeds.  Coronation XVI attracted dignitaries from 22 plus chapters of the Imperial Court System such as Vancouver, Regina, Toronto, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and San Jose just to name a few, as well as dignitaries from local businesses and organizations such as the Austin Chronicle, Capitol Chevrolet, the City of Austin Chief of Police and the City of Austin Fire Chief.  Her Majesty would like to thank, Eric Beringer, her outstanding male line member of the year and Rona Bare-It, her outstanding female line member of the year as well as Rudy “The Brat” Rodriguez Imperial Crown Prince and Rona Bare-It, Imperial Crown Princess, the active College of Monarchs led by Empress IX and XII Topaz, as well as the line of succession for their countless hours of hard work and dedication. Together reign XV raised over $45,000.00 for its local charities.
Lifetime Titles:
Imperial Crown Prince for Life to Reign XV
Eric Beringer
As a small token of gratitude for their annual commitment to raise monies for the United Court of Austin’s promotional fund, Emperor Frankie and Empress Jackie Best of San Jose were bestowed lifetime complimentary tickets to all future coronation weekend events.