Reigning Monarchs

Empress XXVII Tasha Simmone Starr

Emperor XXVII Evan Inell

Empress Moniker: The I may look cute & cuddly, Garnet and Onyx Gaming Panda of Pride, Passion and Pettiness, the first Trans Empress of the Capital City Tasha Simmone Starr

Empress Cocktail: Deep Eddy Peach and Tropical Red Bull

Empress Shot: Starr Fucker

Empress Animal: Panda

Empress Colors: Garnet and Onyx

Empress Flower: Birds of Paradise

Empress Symbol: Panda with a 3rd eye


Emperor Moniker: The Cobalt, Onyx, and Silver Studded, Heavenly Demonic and Hellishly Angelic, Tried and Tribulated, Promoted to Emperor 27 Evan Inell

Emperor Cocktail: Whiskey Coke with a cherry

Emperor Shot: Jameson or Tuaca with a Coke chaser

Emperor Animal: Pitbull

Emperor Colors: Cobalt and Onyx with Silver Studs

Emperor Flower: Pansy

Emperor Symbol: Pitchfork with Angel Wings and Halo